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  1. Hooray~! I've been waiting for this!
  2. In Wizards Labyrinth usually coin drops at Stage 1~10/9 (not sure) are 1 coin per stage. 10/11~20/19 are 2 coins per stage. 19/20 ~ 20/21 are 3 coins per stage.
  3. PLEASE TEACH ME HOW, I'M STUCK AT S+ Stats, I'm using Baldr FULL SET, and weapon + peryton accessories full, with props .. crit. chance, crit. dmg, and special attack, i saw other characters with almost 100% crit and 1000% crit. damage with 30k special attack, 100% hp and MP rec. How can i achieve those stats too? please teach me.!! <3
  4. I can't open the S5 why? is it offline?
  5. Where is the pvp server?
  6. Sir how did you open the gacha window?
  7. Yeah, please open the S4 server huhuhu