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  1. Why i Cant craft the ring ? lvl 30 permanent ? Its a bug maybe ?
  2. Especially the Princeon the frozen one
  3. Rexion gatcha ? or Princion ? gatcha maybe >?
  4. used set like at least 4 pcs some dungeon sets like ( warrior saint ) it will give some bonus exp of 8.8% Example ~ Armor 8.8% + Ring of Beefiness 50% + GC club 25% + Dungeon title ( Example Kuonatro`s Return 15% ) = 98.8 Exp gain + when you have queen`s jewel ....
  5. Is you want skill type Dio go for Diabolic force path , Then If you want to kill them toe to toe go for weapon force ~Note: Weapon force is only upgrading your Normal attacks with furious ones but you still have skills .... ~ NOTE : I do not recommend hybrid skills its just waste of skill points and you can't have all your skill path choice P.S. Grand chase player Since first launched of Season 1 here !!!
  6. first season players

    Here Since first Launched of season 1