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  1. you activated my trap card
  2. here ya go
  3. yes, im guessing it has to do with the char inv being separated and therefor having to load every time one changes chars instead of just char files, therefor to make it faster and also to prob avoid and possible problems they took it out, just a guess.
  4. don't forget the tuxedo look on the male chars with devilion
  5. or read manga/light novels, or sell your soul to youtube recommended videos
  6. s4 is down for maint, to add new stuff and also to better stabilize it.
  7. there is a 4th mp bar mission in the academy in s4, dont know if its for every char but it is there for 100000 gp (enter chars name) thirst for power
  8. they where, but it became to much of a hassle, so we decided to keep both up instead so you don't loss progress.
  9. you will have to ask that to reborn, i dont deal with anything account/cash releated so sadly cant answor, though i think the closest thing would be to only play and charge onto the s5 server
  10. wops accidentally hit edit lol, anyways well sadly do to corrupted database' because of all the hacks and hackers that was in s4 we cant transfer accounts over to s5, as for cash idk if you get vp in both servers or just one so we would have to wait on that to find out
  11. just going to put my 2 cents in, 1) it is confirmed now that both S4 and S5 WILL be up at the same time, so as long as one doesn't need to be shut down perm you should be good. 2) cant help you there have not cashed yet. 3) The server issues are because we are getting ready for the big release of s5 soon and because of this everyone is busy working on s5 as much as possible, it should stabilize shortly after the launch of S5 when reborn has a bit more time to work on it.