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  1. I'm not so sure how to fix that bug but you can try to Uninstall and Reinstall the game it's only Optional I'm not very sure but you can try it~
  2. It is Back and Running!! Enjoy!!
  3. the server is inactive for now and I hope that they fix and clarify us all on what is really happening~
  4. sorry but there is no exact date on when will the server will be up and running again~
  5. For now the server is down, yes it is~ if it is down for a month then it is over~ just like Battle Mage Arme's Imperial Skill - "The End"~ But still im waiting for them no matter what, coz it is not clear for me if they don't reply~ There's only one question - "Is it over for GCRS5?" and 2 possible answers - "YES or NO" IGN- VoidEmpress
  6. it's by chances~ when you upgrade your necklace you only have 50% - 50% chances... try to join a guild to raise your chances in upgrades
  7. Sorry but the server is down temporarily (hope so~) but please don't lose hope... you can play other GC servers and wait for reborn to be up and running again~ <3
  8. it can not be fixed we just need to wait for the server to be up again..
  9. Server is down...
  10. Thanks <3 it's ok it does not bother me a lot~ as long as you can fix it, im counting on it! <3
  11. Veigas = I claimed the weapon but its not a skin/coordi type Gacha weapon </3 please help <3 Amy = I don't want to claim the weapon yet Because it's not a Skin/coordi type Gacha weapon (which means I'm scared to claim it~) </3 please help <3
  12. Dio's Circlet is in Mari's Gacha set </3
  13. the weapon is being equipped as 1st Job class weapon but it's a 2nd Job class weapon </3
  14. Help! please~ i cant open my GC this always pops up please! anyone~
  15. Hi Admin! I was wondering about the pet creation with Pet Referee Elena~ any Idea where can i Hunt the "Soccer ball" item? Referee Elena is Cute I just wanna Collect her as one of my Pets <3