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  1. Yup, as Karma said. And if you want to earn VPs (50 vp per day is the maximum), you need to at least stay online for 30 mins per day and it will be added to your account before the reset time.
  2. You need Extreme Key for that.
  3. You need Extreme Key for that.
  4. Is there a trick in order to upload photos as your cover and profile picture, I have been dragging and dropping because file opener does not work. Any suggestions or help?

    1. Amy


      -sorry- I don't know, I can't remember lol. I think it's just happened 

  5. Yup, as long as it is not the same.
  6. Firstly, in Berkas' Lair, your stat must be SS (60k and above total attack) and secondly, there is a designated time for TOD and Berkas' Lair. You can see the entrance info here ...
  7. Thanks for updating the event dungeon
  8. Thank you for your hardwork GC Reborn Team
  9. Nope. But it can increased your character's stat a bit by making the gatcha items become a coordi (costume) using Fusion Scroll
  10. You can obtain Pink Chocolate mostly at Fortress of Ascension but also I think in Kamiki's Castle, too. (don't know about Dog Claw, i haven't got one)