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  1. I'm very happy to see Sia set but...Is the set completely working with it's pet? Will players who donated receive their VP? Cause with all these problems, even I myself is a bit hesitant to donate and continue the game...
  2. Are you sure you're not missing some option while installing? I installed mine in the drive D just fine
  3. crit damage , crit chance , mp recovery , special attack , attack. And you're set~
  4. You seem to know how already so just go build crit damage and crit chance + mp recovery and special attack, and you will be strong enough Try to balance crit percentage, 300% crit damage means your crit chance should at least be 30%
  5. Yeah it does, it adds more TA than special attack
  6. If you still having trouble even now, I might just share what I did but it could also be that I'm just that lucky. I ran Zeruel 3 times and got Darek manual + I ran Valstrath once and got both Thanny Boy and Rutherford manual
  7. I'm not sure how it works completely but from my own experience it would be like this : - If your crit chance is 30% and your crit damage is 200% then crit damage will add more to the TA and vice versa I could be wrong but so far it works nicely for me
  8. It's always random, my own process is usually using the "all property reset" to get 3 prop that I want. And then use the single property and hope for the best 4th prop
  9. Nice, this gives me patience for future rotation. Hope that the Sia Gacha will come soon
  10. Thank you Mods for fixing more stuff