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  1. I saw an Uno wearing Cerberus armor set today. Anyone knows how to get it? I tried to printscreen it but my game crashed so i didnt get the chance to ask. I asked people ingame but nobody knows about it. Please help! I need that armor
  2. I saw an Uno wearing CERBERUS set today. Is that part of the update? Where can i get it???
  3. Life is tough, go craft in the forge. Requires gems and crystals
  4. Pls someone explain to me how the coins in wizard labyrinth work? I cleared til 30. Twice i got 2 coins in a run. Once i got 3 coins. The rest i got nothing. Why is that?
  5. That QJ was transferred via warehouse. Buy QJ in hero shop with high lvl char then put QJ in warehouse, other chars will be able to get it. Only the "hero shop QJ" is warehouse movable. The event one is not
  6. Not sure bout dat but they used to drop in TH champion mode by beating duel, SUPER rare though
  7. Does duel still drop his swords in thunderhammer champion mode? Combined swords doesnt seem to appear in forge system