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  1. I switched to GC history so good and cheap and I mena cheap vp items for instance, extreme skill keys are only 100. No uno yet but they made there own new dungeon. Which is awesome. also free 3000VP with those chceap items I have everyone coodri and two with gacha. Still 760 vp left. Only thing is 8 character name limit. In case anyone is looking for another while this was down. My main now so if you do switch - darkkaos
  2. Devillion!!!! ♥
  3. OMG yet again luxire. Thank you for the madness link more characters for free and 3500VP very nice. More expensive shop items though...I think. However much better I do love it so far. I might make this my main account to play on if I don't get my vp here and such. XD. Greed! lol. Thanks again. Finally testing out my 980 ti classfied lol.
  4. I have never seen that logo since I found the game again last week. Sorry. If that is for S5 I have no idea.
  5. Same issue just made the topic as well.
  6. After installing and getting the game to patch successfully as well. Able to click start and login. Now I get this when trying to get into server. Practice mode does work however not what I want.
  7. I just rebooted my system and now getting this. T.T
  8. fixed it for me like nothing. I was struggling all day. After the temp patch for launcher in fact maybe reinsatll the game I had to that to get the server to open
  9. Don't use the auto installer. At least for me it doesn't work mediafire and put all files into a random folder I have mine named GCinstall then run the exe and donwload the new temp.exe from admins post today and tada! playable believe I had a hell of time today.
  10. IT DID WORK MY GOD. I thank you so much. Just got my new GPU today to play again then these problems but, by god he done it! Thank you again!
  11. I couldn't find a real download of that .dll file and yeah even reinstalled windows and scanned for corrupted files a registry which are now fixed and yeah still unable to launch using regular launcher or GCtemp.exe. Definitely broken for now. Just refound this game by thinking about it one day. Also what is this about 10,000 VP people are getting?! I got 1050VP? Should I create a new thread about this?
  12. I just downloaded a new GCS5 setup via mediafire links installed I get the (whatever language) faild to launch or whatever it says was working fine before my new SSD arrived today. What is going on?! I mean my old SSD worked with it. My new OS drive won't install it with the auto install either. Anyone what is going on? Played just last night.
  13. So are these all new accounts we have to make?