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  1. thank you for this information .. i will try mari and uno to see their 2nd extreme skill .. thank you
  2. got my VP's back .. just update the game .. thanks
  3. all my VP's points are gone .. pls FIX it dev's
  4. yes, the server is still down upto this time, planing to play GCR S4 later.
  5. like wise when i watched at youtube they are available and very useful extreme skills .. how i wish they are available at the next patch .. btw thanks for the info .. have fun!
  6. additional question, how to unlock the second special skill like RUFUS FINAL SHOT, i did the same thing mission extreme skill key but it say's error when i unlock the 2nd special skill, thank you everyone for quick response.
  7. thanks a lot for this information .. and thanks to all members who answer my query ..
  8. how to do the VP quest? and i think money works here, just like pay to win games.
  9. but the character mission say's "slay basilisk in Temple of Fire and Obtain Rufus lesser Orb, but maybe you are right, lets just wait for the next patch for next month.
  10. so that means we cant advance to 4th job, aww man that's bad.
  11. There was a BUG in obtaining the Arbiter Lesser orb for Rufus 4th Job, no matter what difficulty i play it there is no chances of obtaining the Arbiter Lesser orb, and i watch in youtube how to change 4th job rufus and on that video shows that you can get it 100% but in this mission its a BUG* i didn't even get it once, i tried countless of times till i give up and decided to report to the staff, i even delete the mission and do it again but still in this part of Arbiter 5-3 mission is a BUG* hope the devs FIX it ASAP, thanks in advance