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  1. I was just wondering if is there's a chance that our characters lvl and jobs will reset like my characters in S4 after some technical issues if it happened to S5 server? Just asking.....
  2. First of all thank you reborn team for fixing the S4 server. But I notice when I open my account all my character that has finish their 4 the job somehow reset to 3rd job and even their level reset back to lvl60. That means. I have to grind again? Why did it reset when there was no major update and no compensation for the reset?
  3. i download the decoder and it work but when i try to enter the game it says " connection has time out"
  4. Try running champion mode. See if your quest drop there.
  5. Kc bug po ung pet n arch angel at raven.
  6. I think you can get a Cerberus set from Uno's level up box.
  7. Aslan can restore mp and it's skill is working. What we need is pet that can recover ap for ap user's
  8. Season 4 dungeon server not working again.
  9. Hi... I'm from the Philippines and I' d like to donate using mol points but every time I click the buy tab it says "session has expired".
  10. how long will we wait before we can play in S4. It's so frustrating that I can't play S5 coz the internet shop owner won't download it.... So if u pls open the S4 again while you continue and keep prioritizing S5 until u fix all its problem and when S5 is okey then do a maintenance for S4. There are still player's left playing in S4 other than the shitty hacker players since S5 can't be copy and paste. PLS OPEN S4!!!
  11. the s4 server is open now but with no compensation for the players of s4 and the only thing they change is the gatcha (rencia and sellion) and the special dungeon ( hungry pets). to the admins and mods come on.... player of s4 spend so much time in this server just to be ignored coz u release a new server. but still THANK YOU for opening s4 again
  12. Its almost a week and s4 is not yet available to play. I guess the reborn team are too busy in s5 server. Gudluck on all players of s4 (RIP).
  13. when will s4 be available to play?