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  1. help!!

    As it is not a problem of us players should give the mission 4th job to those who have rufus, and with any other character, I have only uploaded 4 characters of level I will go for the 5th, I will notify you which other has problems. I really regret having to complain so much, I did not do it before but there are too many problems, and I would like to help you in some way so that you can improve and I enjoy more of your beautiful server: D I do not want my friends to move from server to server because of these problems, many have left but as I said before I am loyal to Grand Chase Reborn My nick is Warlord and in Reborn 4 I am SzWarlord I appreciate them a lot because you revived this game and I would like to help you find mistakes like these, I'm 11 years old playing this game and I do not get tired, I hope they solve these problems, you know we love them
  2. help!!

    reply to kaze aze it's a very difficult map even the first boss kills me I charge cash, but to arm 20 characters is very difficult even for a player who recharges cash I'm going to? that the drops are improved in seasson IV we were very armed and almost nobody plays the 4, we just want to facilitate the dropping of things hackers are very bad players they never pass a pvp, I tell them to win a tournament this year in February tournament do not know how to play and when they activate the hack we report them, so please forget about them. We want to arm ourselves not fast but if I am sure, I am faithful to your server because you revived this game, but as we recharge we want good improvements, not much we recharge but we try to you that you can work to the measure
  3. help!!

    Only notify: 1: Mission ASIN special lvl 50 is bug in Xenia Border 2: Kaze Aze Level 85 on the drop Pieces berkas 3: Error Coin in Laberint and Hero Dungeon 4: Mission 4th job Rufus - Temple of fire colect fragment " IS BUG " please... I overcharge cash but I do not have too much and should put those missions of vp to free because the truth that we come from the SEASSON IV we are tired of repeating the same thing, what should really put VP are the scroll and coordinations with the premium accessories but the final skill missions and scrolls of the game do not please ... put them FREE for them to see that they will have more conditioning of the users ... many players have gone to other servers for all these problems if they find again and back to users again I love grand chase and reborn is my server favorite
  4. Only notify: 1: Mission ASIN special lvl 50 is bug in Xenia Border 2: Kaze Aze Level 85 on the drop Pieces berkas 3: Error Coin in Laberint and Hero Dungeon