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  1. Thanks, I appreciate it
  2. Hello there, I already wrote this in "Section Season V (S5) -> News and Announcements -> Gacha Rotation!". Sorry for repeating. I got every piece of the SIA coordi items for Mari ... or so i thought. Even though I could choose a weapon (3rd job; btw the gp 3rd job weapons are not to be found) and got the pet, there is still one piece "missing". The Lower Head accessoire. Instead of that, I got the Upper Head accessoire for Dio. It even shows that while on my Mari in the SIA Coordi shop. Please fix or replace it, thanks! (Sorry for the bad quality, it's a cell phone photo because screenshots didn't work somehow)
  3. Sadly, I already have a problem with my SIA outfit for my Mari. I pumped my VP into Seal Breaker scrolls to get the whole set asap. I got every part, got the weapon and the pet too. nice. BUT in my Coordi Tab, I can't find the lower head accessoire. Checking into the Seal Ball thingies again, instead of "lower head ... SIA (Mari)" it says "upper head SIA (Dio)" Attached a pic, too. Sorry for the mobile phone quality, but Screenshots didn't work somehow.