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  1. Try gmail
  2. don't play ever online games all gc. they focusing on money dude. unlike the other online games, every hour they fixed the bug.
  3. Me also turns like this
  4. i have vp but i cant create character . if i buying character it says i have no vp?
  5. i hvae old acct user id "dodongwave" i forgot pw and i dont know what eamil u use for activation.coz when i reset no mesage on my email. i want to know what email used for activation
  6. waw its work dude.. ty i try clcik and click and after that no red mark follow when i typ gmail so that i click send...try this use email. if you typ on email it will red the box. try click new register again and no bow will go red
  7. dude how can you do that "please enter a valid email not gmail"
  8. Help me. I forgot what email i used to register here. My id is dodongwave i forgot my pw and i want to reset pw. i dont know what my email i used, can u pls tell me what email i used?
  9. Please help me. I forgot my what email i used to crete my acct i have a user id : dodongwave i forgot my pw i want to reset but i dont know what email i used on that i have a list my my all email on my phone. Can you just pm me if what my email i registered here?
  10. This fixed with me. Try use vpn and create new email. You will receive confirmation.