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  1. I tried everything, y dont remember exactly, sorry. Try to delete main.exe and the file that thing says it's downloading, then open updater then the game launcher again
  2. i want to know too. I came back to play after months of absence to find the S4 server isn't accesible. I was about to buy VP too, but luckily found that i can't connect to theserver.
  3. The game just miraculously worked, but now i get this when i try to connect
  4. I have the same problem. I was playing a couple of months ago but i had to stop playing for my studies. Now i wanted to come back, downloaded the game (around 2 hours ago) but i can't play. When i open the launcher (from the desktop icon) it starts to update. Then when it gets to stage/script.kom it takes LOT OF TIME then it says "patch download error). I Tried: • Run as administrator, both launcher and main.exe • Run in compatibility mode with win xp sp3 • Added both launcher and main.exe to firewall. • Using Update.exe as the launcher says. • Added update.exe to firewall, run as administrator and in compatibility with win xp sp3. Nothing of that has worked so far. But, sometimes it doesn't shows a parch error message, but keeps downloading bot stage/scripts.kom and news.ui. Alternating forever. I haven't changed any hardware nor software since the last time i played. Just deleted the game back then because i had to study and... you know... i was tempted to stop studying or working on my school stuff when i saw the game. Can anyone hellp me? I even saw that if u downloaded a full working stage.script.kom file and replaced it before starting it would work, but the link to download the file is not working anymore. I just noticed that i didn't mention that i'm from Argentina that's why this is in spanish. But you should be aable to notice that i have the right options marked.