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  1. been like this for days now. none of us have any idea what’s going on or if the game will even be back.
  2. any updates on the server issue?
  3. same thing with me. how can i fix it?
  4. what’s good bro, let me know if you find a solution for the server issue and i’ll do the same with you. been doing a lot of research but haven’t found much.

    1. ImKooK


      Well, I joined the discord and tried everything, looks like everyone is with the same problem as well dog, and the support don't give a sh*t because I tried to contact them and yeah... as usual, nothing, but yeah, while that I'm playing the asian server and elsword (void) AKA private server. I recommend it 4 u if u're bored. Peace homie! 

    2. flazoon


      yeah i fee you. appreciate the response man. let me know if the server goes back on at some point today. gonna be out for a while but will be back home tom igjt and hopefully

      itll be on and i can play. appreciate everhthing brotha 

  5. having the same issue as well with the servers. would love to know how to fix or if it’s just that the servers are down.