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  1. To whoever cares, I know we all have the knowledge about what is going on, however, still, we are clueless about what is "really" going on. The server is inaccessible; intrinsically speaking the server is down for a week now and we haven't heard anything from the game masters since then. So, I made my investigations, firstly, to the game masters. They were last seen active on December of 2017. And I'm thinking that they knew this is coming. But decided not to care because: a) we are tired, b) we are not benefiting, or c) this is just a private server Okay, we understand that, we get it. But the question is why rebuilt the game that you cannot manage? This is not a question to blame you and I am giving you the benefit of the doubt 'cause we are unaware of what you are up to at this moment. Plus, I saw people posting their technical problems with the server and then again the game masters have never responded. Secondly, I have this smart Grand Chase player friend telling me not to feel bad about what is happening and stop dissing about the situation, and he said, I quote verbatim, "it's just a game," maybe at some point he is right. But Grand Chase entertains me ever since I have played it, I have invested so much time playing. I have loved the game. For some, maybe this sounds too childish, but for the kind of gamer like me, no. Furthermore, he also said that they are not earning from the game. That is true. And their donation-system is a whole rubbish, why? Is everybody donating? In favor of those who pays, how much? In ratio of those non-payers to those payers: what is your calculation? And if you would ask me if I will keep a game non-profitable I would hardly say "no," but the thing here is there are a lot of players have indulged themselves to the game, and they should've foreseen this. Lastly, why not keep us posted? Are you shutting the game down? Or there is a serious technical problem that needs long term work? Or this is another social engineering, I mean we know that Grand Chase is no longer under KOG Game's name, so who runs the game? Maybe they are caught by I don't-know-who by stealing and uploading and re-engineering the game and upload it to the web and make it available again after KOG Games decided to remove the game in 2014? So again, the bottom line is we are clueless and we do not know who to run to, you are not replying to our correspondence, your social media is not active. So what now? I know that this message might not reach any of the administrators but we are hoping that there is a resolution and y'all working on it.
  2. Plus, we haven't heard anything from the game masters since December 2017, they are inactive on their social medias too. I really want to get this resolved as soon as possible.
  3. I do not know where you did get the information davic1999 but WE hope what you're saying is true, and also please attach some reliable reference about your comment just to avoid future confusions or misleading of information. Thank you