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Main Character

Found 17 results

  1. Everytime I try to register, it loads and after 3 mins of waiting, I got 500 Internal Server Error, can anyone help?? (I have been doing this for 2 days straight, 15 tries a day.)
  2. I downloaded grandchase reborn from mediafire, but the zip file did not contain a patch execution file so I could manually patch grandchase. I disabled ,y firewall when downloading, but the error still persisted. What should I do? Is there a patch execution file available to download? Here's a screen shot:
  3. Help Me to Fix This...
  4. So I downloaded this yesterday and everything runs fine except for the fact that I get extremely low FPS. After doing a lot of research, others have fixed it by replacing the d3d9 file or other variations of that. I have tried this, along with many other, "fixes" and I still get horrid fps. Can someone help me fix this?
  5. So i got ultimate skill key and im trying to unlock lime's liberation skill (4th bar skill) and a message pop up saying: An unknown error has occured while trying to learn a skill ErrorCode ( 1460 - 3 ) And i am lv 80.... so why cant i get that skill..... please fix this........
  6. when lauch the game crash for a seconds, then the sound is null.
  7. Cuando estoy iniciando el programa me arroja error de los mp3 y no escucha la música de fondo cómo puedo arreglar este error?
  8. i honestly dont know what to say about this, i have the key to unlock both skills but this just keeps popping up
  9. hey guys i want to ask, i just recently re-download this game again after 5 months break from this server, but i notice when i tried to upgrade my anklet, it won't upgrade, instead, it pop some menu that i can't read because of it's windows that pop up behind the upgrade window, and it happen to GP and cash version of guard anklet but not to purrthos angklet, and not just me, it happen to my friends that play GC on this server, so what's happen here?
  10. Can someone help me? I cant get GC Reborn to run at all. After installing it with many different methods, it always results in this error open trying to open the game. I have downloaded it with different methods available on GC website too and each one give same result. Help Please :< Thanks~
  11. Where is the confirmation email off my acount?
  12. Can U Help me? I got Technical Problem about Patcher, a Patch keep looping when it comes to main.exe downloading progress (T^T), so i disable AntiVirus it's not enough i Uninstall it but, it's still like that.... so can u Find solution for this? Thank you.
  13. So we created a guild and got this change guild mark item to have a guild mark/emblem BUT , when I try to upload the guild mark, I keep getting this error : FTP connect fail. Can anyone please help me? We only have 25 days before the guild mark change item disappears and be wasted. PLEASE HELP! the image was a JPG and has size at 32x32
  14. Is this an issue I have to be worried about for the rest of the night? If so then I will be a bit pissed if I cannot log in just to get my reward... I'm on the last day! is this an update? Please communicate with us GCReborn staff!
  15. Can you guys help me
  16. i cant purchase mystery potion (L) in shop for both cash and gp shops. also when buying bonuses, the "buy count" isnt working. even if i put 10 or 100, it always just buys 1 bonus. lastly, buying hp potion (X) says that it cost 210k even though the price is actually 21k but when i have less than 210k like 190k i cant buy anymore. its not that big of a deal though just pointing it out.