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Main Character

Found 8 results

  1. As the title states, is there some sort of linux version I can download, or can i get wine support for mailMIME.dll. I can get up to the patcher, but it always errors out. Please help.
  2. So i got ultimate skill key and im trying to unlock lime's liberation skill (4th bar skill) and a message pop up saying: An unknown error has occured while trying to learn a skill ErrorCode ( 1460 - 3 ) And i am lv 80.... so why cant i get that skill..... please fix this........
  3. Hello, I was just wondering if S4 is going to be forgotten regarding updates. Since i haven't been able to play S5 due to an error. Is it worth to start playing s4? Thanks!
  4. I am able to access the launcher but i still am not able to enter the server.
  5. Hello there. I am on the third part of Asin's Road to power quest line. It says to collect 3 Magic stones from the Temple of Cutal Dungeon. So far I have done this dungeon 5 times but I still get nothing. Is the quest broken or is it just a hard drop?
  6. Hello GCR Mods/Admins, I still have Not yet received a reply on the matter regarding the Uno Support Box problem that I encountered or any form of compensation on the matter I'll provide updated photos as proof once again that it is no farce, I do not wish inconvenience upon any staff I just believe that some form of compensation would be nice Please and thank you, Konova ~
  7. Hey guys. Im new to this server, I've been really looking for a decent GC server for some time now and I like this one. Need help tho: Where do I get VPs? How? or sources of VPs rather. Thanks guys
  8. Hello! I was wondering if at some point my Devilion Coordi will be actually in the coordi tab? I had to use Fusion Coupons to move it there but I cannot do it with the weapon. Also, if I fused the Devilion coordi for example with Baldr, will I still be able to trigger the set bonus stats? The Baldr armor will become the appearance and the Devilion will now become the stats coordi? Thank you! Primus