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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions !


Q. What is technical error?

A. An error message information displayed when an unexpected condition occurs such as can't access on something.

Q. What if i post or create a thread that is not related to this section?

A. We will not tolerate to entertain your concern and will delete your Thread or Post immediately.

Q. I'm hungry !!! Do you have cookies?

A. This site is using cookies for security and privacy ! (Uhmmm?)

Q. What if i create many threads that is related to something that is already existed! (We will make u busy with trash things mods! bwahahaha !)

A. That's why i will implement some rules soon, and we will make sure that you'll receive some points for your bad deeds !

Q. Points? Seriously!? YAAAY Stupid MOD! giving us points for trashing ! yeheheheeey !

A. Uhh uhh ! I'm not finished yet, "Warning points" I mean !

Q. Ohh what is that... warning points you say?!

A. Yes, Warning points are a system for gaming forums that punishes players on the Forums if they break a rule.

Q. Ahh, I'll probably leave this forum !!!

A. No no i'm not done yet ! They expire after 30 days. 100 points in a certain time = banned

Q. Speechless*


Let this be a lesson to all people in the forums !

Thank you for reading !

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